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We are WebExtent

Our team started in the web hosting industry. After a few years, we discovered there were too many challenges to making a website. Traditional web hosting services were complicated and expensive to manage.

Seeing a need for simplicity, the site builder was born. We wanted to offer a website building platform that would require no coding skills or design experience, with everything needed to get published online. You can simply focus on creating an amazing website that reflects your brand.

After seeing an increased need for ecommerce solutions, we developed one of the only fully-featured, free and commission-free online store builders. As our global userbase grew, we expanded our editor with the ability to make multilingual websites.

Our Work

Our Team

What makes us Different?

Our passion stems from our people. We value diversity and believe that different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives are what make us a stronger and more capable team of marketers. Each and every one of our employees adds to our inclusive culture of creating marketing that matters.

We blend our strengths together, combining our business experience and creative minds to bring the best ideas to the table and drive results for our partners.

Meet Our Team

Mohammad Tanjid

CEO & Founder

Amdad Faisal

Graphic Designer

Farhad Asif

Product Manager

Mohammad Sajib

Support Manager

Khaled Bin Anowar

Web Developer

Saiful Islam

WordPress Developer

Shahriaze Sany

Content Manager

Mohammad Arman

React Deveploper

Mohammad Tanver

Video Editor

Dont Worry You Are in Safe Hands


We believe that through teamwork, we can create something greater than the sum of what people can do individually. And that's what has made us in making a bigger impact than our size over.


Workplace honesty is a priority to us. Rather than imposing it on employees, we have created an environment which inspires them to be honest with each, as only then can we be honest with clients.


We love what we do and that's what inspires us every day to strive for excellence. We firmly believe that it is the quality of work that will help us & our clients in moving forward as a business.