Create a Custom Global Footer with Divi Theme Builder

To run a professional website, you must follow some criteria. A smart header and footer are essential parts of a website. Today we’ll share with you how to create a custom global footer with Divi theme builder.

The footer showcases a finished feeling for your visitors while giving important information and navigation links to the entire website in case they have missed it elsewhere.

Let’s create a Custom Global Footer with Divi Theme Builder.

Nowadays, DIVI has become one of the most popular themes among the WordPress community. The Divi Theme Builder is an interface within Divi that permits you to use the Divi Builder to create theme templates and assign those custom templates to pages or posts across your theme. It also includes custom post types like Divi Projects and WooCommerce Products and Pages.

Today we’re going to create a custom footer with Divi theme builder, and the exciting fact is we don’t need any plugins or extra coding to do it. We can build and customize this footer with the power of the visual builder. 

Step 01: Open the Divi Theme Builder

If you’re using the DIVI theme builder, first, you need to open your builder. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Divi > Divi Theme Builder. You may follow the screenshot below. 

Step 02: Add & Build Global Footer

Now it’s time to create a custom footer. To create a custom footer, click the Add Global Footer button and select the Build Global Footer button. You can style the footer as you desire. 

Step 03: Built your footer inside the Theme Builder footer template

There are many options for creating a custom footer. Here you can choose to build from scratch, load a premade layout, or clone an existing page.

Also, you can use any of the default Divi sections,  Rows, and modules to create your footer template. 

Step 04: Save your template to assign it to your website

After these, you must save the changes to apply this footer template to your site. You need to click on the Save button at the top of the page.

Ahh! Congratulation! You’ve done a fantastic job. It is the global footer that you’ve created by following the blog. Look how it will appear on your website!


The Global Footer provides optional supplemental navigation links to support quick tasks and required website legal and corporate information. So, a global footer is always good for well-maintained websites. 

I hope this article helps you create a custom global footer with the DIVI theme builder. If you’ve any further questions, please let me know in the comment section below. 

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