10+ Free WordPress Hosting ( 2019 updated ) for startup

Free WordPress Hosting Providers

If you are trying to create a WordPress site or looking for a free WordPress hosting, then this guideline will help you to get this. 

Also, if you are looking for free WordPress hosting for students, then this would be great for you. because as a student you may no effort to buy a new hosting account. So, in that case, this will help you a lot.

So when it comes to creating a WordPress site or any other site, the first thing we have to think is about hosting. Because there are lots of hosting providers out there and we can’t decide which one we should pick. 

Similarly, It’s also important to know which hosting is secured to use and which is not.


Short intro about is the best place to find WordPress free tools. You can find free a large number of free WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, and free hosting, 

So if you are trying to get a free WordPress hosting then the best choice will be for you is, you can use your domain there and can any theme you want. allows us to create a website very easily because you can create a site with drag and drop functionality and more. 

Key features of

  1. You can manage it from your desktop or phone through apps
  2. Customer support is very good
  3. Free domain to choose ( example of free domain:
  4. SEO friendly structure 
  5. A large number of themes to choose from
  6. A large number of plugins to choose from.

Pros of

  1. No need to set up anything. 
  2. A large amount of WordPress Free themes
  3. A large amount of WordPress Free plugins
  4. Daily backup
  5. Use up to 3GB space

Cons of

  1. It can be placed ads without letting you know
  2. Voting their, terms and policy your site can be deleted
  3. If you want to build a membership site then it’s not for you.

Are you interested in how to set up a blog for free? If it’s then you can see this guideline: how to set up a blog for free

2. FreeHostingNoAds


Short intro of FreeHostingNoAds

It’s really hard to find a hosting that doesn’t show ads on our site. So that’s why FreeHostingNoAds offers us a reliable hosting for free without any cost. 

So if you are looking for hosting like this one, then it’s best for you.

Pros of

  1. You can use up to 20GB free disk.
  2. You can host your domain. 
  3. You can choose 3 different PHP versions
  4. You can use their free site builder
  5. Ads-free hosting

Cons of

  1. Limited bandwidth
  2. The limited site to build
  3. only one site for one account.

3. AccuWeb Hosting

accuweb hosting - best free wordpress hosting

Short intro of AccuWeb Hosting

If you are looking for the best free web hosting, then another name is AccuWeb Hosting. It’s risk-free hosting. You can create your site with this hosting easily. Their server is faster than other free hosting providers.

Pros of AccuWeb Hosting:

  1. Backup of site
  2. Fast loading websites
  3. Friendly customer support
  4. Ads-free hosting
  5. Highly secured

Cons of AccuWeb Hosting:

  1. No access to shell
  2. Free support is limited
  3. Migrations are not available for free hosting.

4. x10Hosting

x10Hosting - free wordpress hosting

Short intro of x10Hosting

x10Hosting has been giving free hosting services for more than 10 years now. If you want more flexibility then x10Hosting is for you. Because it’s a cloud hosting. So you can easily host your site on x10Hosting if you are trying to experiment on cloud hosting. 

Pros of x10Hosting:

  1. You have full control of PHP 
  2. Also, you can control MySQL
  3. You can control Cpanel
  4. And Upgradable cloud hosting.

Cons of x10Hosting

  1. No live chat available
  2. No phone call service available
  3. Secured but limited for free cloud hosting. 

5. Zymic 

zymic - a free wordpress hosting

Short intro of Zymic

Zymic offers us free web hosting with a level of professionalism any paid web hosting company offers. 

Zymic is a better choice if you are trying to get a free web hosting. Most importantly, they provide us free access to PHP and MySQL that benefits us as a WordPress user. 

You have full access to the FTP file manager so you can edit, upload your files easily.

Pros of Zymic:

  1. Ads-free hosting
  2. Access to PHP ( version 5.2.12)
  3. Access to MySQL
  4. Disk Space 6000MB
  5. Data Transfer monthly 50GB
  6. Unlimited number accounts
  7. An easy control panel

Cons of Zymic:

  1. The limited PHP version is available.
  2. The site can be deleted if you violate their terms and policy. 

6. Freehostia

freehostia - a free web hosting

Freehostia provides a great free hosting for us to use creating beautiful cms or any other sites like WordPress. Their 1-click application allows you to build a site very easily. You can create a website with their site builder within a very short time. 

So if you are looking for hosting like Freehostia then let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this hosting provider.

Pros of Freehostia:

  1. 5 Hosted Domain(s)
  2. Disk Space 250MB 
  3. Monthly Traffic 6GB
  4. E-mail Accounts 3 
  5. MySQL v.5 Databases: 1
  6. MySQL Storage: 10MB

Cons of Freehostia

  1. Very limited disk space
  2. Only one Database access
  3. DB storage is only 10MB

7. WPNode

wp node - a free wordpress hosting

Short intro of

If you are looking for a free WordPress hosting with the fast loading speed, then WPNode can be a good choice for you. It gives you free hosting for 1 WordPress site. There is no hidden fee included in this hosting. 

Pros of WPNode Free Hosting.

  1. Storage up to 10GB 
  2. Bandwidth 10 GB
  3. Ads-free hosting.
  4. Upgradable hosting. 
  5. No strict policies
  6. Friendly support.

Cons of WPNode Free Hosting. 

  1. No email service included. 
  2. No Script Auto Installer
  3. No backup for your site. 

8. CloudAccess.

cloudAccess .- wordpress free hosting

Short Intro of

By CloudAccess they say “ is a hosting company born out of open-source values”. As a result, they provide a good cloud hosting for free. CloudAccess gives access to a basic cloud control panel. Similarly, it has features like the one-click Site Replicator and App Snapshot tools. 

Pros of CloudAccess Free Hosting. 

  1. 500MB Disk Space
  2. 1 CPU Core
  3. 1 GB RAM
  4. Free Subdomain
  5. Upgradable account.

Cons of CloudAccess Free Hosting. 

  1. Limited disk space.
  2. Limited BandWidth
  3. No Backup
  4. No Email accounts.
  5. And Site can be deleted if you violate their terms and policy. 

9. 000webhost

000webhost - best free wordpress hosting

Short Intro of

00webhost has been providing free web hosting for over 10 years. as a result, they provide access to PHP, MySQL and a simple control panel with zero cost. Most importantly, 000webhost doesn’t force for ads. So you can run your site without ads. 00webhost also provides a premium hosting. As a result, you can upgrade your free hosting anytime you want. 

Pros of 000webhost free hosting. 

  1. Access to PHP
  2. Access to MySQL
  3. Access to Cpanel. 
  4. Access to different and latest PHP versions. 
  5. 10 GB of bandwidth!
  6. 1 GB of disk space!
  7. Free domain name hosting!
  8. Free admin panel!

Cons of 000webhost free web hosting.

  1. No Script Auto Installer
  2. Limited 1 GB Disk Space
  3. No Email Service
  4. No Live Support
  5. No Backup

10. AwardSpace

awardspace - best free wordpress hosting

Short intro of AwardSpace

AwardSpace provides a good quality Hosting service for PHP, MySQL based sites. You can build your site with this hosting provider if you are a startup company or if you are trying to start a blog for you. It’s easily upgradable. That’s why you can upgrade when you want. 

Pros of AwardSpace Free hosting. 

  5. 100% AD-FREE

Cons of AwardSpace Free hosting. 

  1. Limited access to MySQL

11. Byet-Host 

Byet-Host - free wordpress hosting

Short intro of Byet Host

Byet-Host provides free web hosting with PHP, MySQL and FTP access. You can host your WP site very easily with this hosting provider. It provides an FTP and File manager too. And it’s an ads-free hosting provider. So no hassle for ads.  if you are looking for free WordPress hosting with SSL, then you can move forward with this.

Pros of Byet-Host Free Hosting Provider. 

  1. Disk Space Unlimited
  2. FTP account, File Manager
  3. MySQL databases & PHP
  4. Unlimited Addon domain, Parked Domains, Sub-Domains
  5. Free Community Access
  6. Clustered Servers
  7. No ads!
  8. https SSL on all free hosting domains. (self-signed certificate)

Cons of Byet-Host Free Hosting Provider. 

  1. Very limited service for free hosting. 

5 best free WordPress hosting that I recommend you to use.

WordPress.comget free hosting
AccuWeb Hostingget free Hosting
000webhostget free hosting
AwardSpaceget free hosting
Byet-Hostget free hosting

A useful warning: if you are trying to build a professional website, I won’t personally recommend you to use free hosting. But in case if you are starting your blog or store. I recommend you to use or the best 5 hostings I recommend above.

So these are the best free WordPress hosting 2019.

Looking for a better and secure WordPress hosting with Free SSL as well as with good price?
So I would recommend you to use one of these.

  1. Siteground
  2. Bluehost

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