How to Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page Easily

We often need to duplicate a WordPress Post or Page which is similar to an existing one and it’s time costly to do that manually from scratch. 

What if there is an easy way to duplicate a WordPress post or page with a single click. Yes, in this article, we are going to show that step by step.

Why do we need to Duplicate a Page Post in WordPress?

If you have a blog site, you may want a quick way to duplicate a post or page.

For example, you already have a service page that you want to reuse or a blog post that can be extended as a new post.

In that case, you will have to create the post or page manually and copy and paste the content to it. But doing it manually does not copy feature images, settings, and other metadata.

No worries! There is a quick and easy way to duplicate a WordPress Post or Page with all its settings and metadata. With this process, after being copied you can customize whatever you want in the existing content of the post or page.

Let’s jump on how to duplicate a WordPress post or page easily with just one click.

Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page?

At first, you’ll need to install the Duplicate Post plugin and activate it.

After activation, visit Posts > All Posts Page, You can see two new options Clone and New Draft below each post title.

 How to Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page Easily

Clone: If you click on the Clone option, it will duplicate the post to the new one and will not redirect you to the post editor page.

New Draft: If you click on the New Draft, it will duplicate the post and redirect you to the post editor page, so you can start working on changing or updating content on it.

You will have the same options for the pages also. If you visit Pages  > All Pages, You can see Clone and New Draft options below each page title.

You can also use the plugin for other scenarios such as redesigning a website, cloning an existing landing page, etc. In this case, you will find the plugin most useful.

Duplicate Post Plugin Settings

By default, the duplicate post plugin supports posts and pages. But you can enable support for Custom Post Types, restrict to user permission, and choose what field to copy when making a duplicate by customizing plugin setting options.

Have a look at these plugin settings.

Go to Settings » Duplicate Post page to configure plugin settings.

There are three tabs in plugin settings.

  1. What to copy, 
  2. Permission, 
  3. Display

In the first tab, you will see the options to choose what to copy while creating a duplicate.

Then you need to navigate to the next tab Permission 

By default, only the administrator and editor have permission to create duplicate posts or pages. You can enable permission for other user rules by checking on their fields.

The duplicate post feature is enabled for posts and page post types.

If you have other custom post types, then those will appear here. Then you will have options to check those custom post types if you want to enable duplicate post features to these.

Finally, from the Display tab, you can choose where you want to display the clone post links. By default, It shows the links on the post list, edit screen, and admin bar.

After all, these are done, click on the save changes button to save your settings.

We hope, you found this article very helpful to learn how to duplicate a WordPress posts page easily with one click.

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