How To Embed Twitter Post in WordPress Blog Post

How To Embed Twitter Post in WordPress Site.

Embedding a twitter post in a blog post allows you to quote tweets inside your WordPress post easily. So If you would like to embed a tweet in your WordPress post, you can easily follow the instructions below.

In many popular blogs and news websites, you may have noticed they have embedded tweets from different companies. 

So in this post, we will try to easily show you how you can embed your tweets in your WordPres site very easily. 

So let’s drive on it.

WordPress core functionality makes it very easy to embed third-party services in your WP blog post. There are lots of third-party services included there, such as youtube, facebook, instagram, WordPress ( any kinds of WP site, it can be site ), SoundCloud and much more items. 

As you can see I have attached below a screenshot of it. 

WordPress Block Editor Embedding blocks

But it is only available if you have installed WordPress New Block Editor. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see this option.

How to embed twitter post in WordPress blog post – step by step. 

First of all, you’ll need to click on the plus button, and then scroll down or search for ( “Embeds” block )


After that, you’ll need to click on twitter. And then you’ll see an input will show up to enter the tweet url. 

Next,  past your tweet URL there. 

Embed actual tweet in WordPress blog post

That’s it. WordPress will automatically fetch actual tweet for you.

You may want to know how to copy the link of tweet. So in this case, let’s see how to copy the link of tweet.

First, login to twitter, find which tweet you would like to embed. 

Then, Click on the icon ( down icon ) which you can see on the right, and click on “Copy link to tweet”

copy tweet link

That’s it. You’re good to go. You can paste the URL on your blog post. WordPress will automatically fetch the actual tweet to your WordPress blog post.

We have learnt how to embed tweets in WordPress blog post but in WordPress New Editor, called Gutenburg. 

So now we will learn how to embed tweet in WordPress Classic Editor ( which is known as wysiwyg). 

How To Embed Twitter Post in WordPress Blog Post in classic editor :

First, copy the URL of tweet which you want to embed. 

Then, go to the post where you want to  embed.

Next, paste URL on your post anywhere you want. 

past tweet to embed in wp blog ppst

That’s all. WordPress will automatically pull actual tweet from twitter.

An example has been given below, how it’ll look like.

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