How to Embed YouTube Videos In WordPress

Nowadays, video marketing is one best marketing policies to keep visitors on your website regularly. Embedding YouTube videos on the website helps us to keep visitors on our page and expand how we’re able to deliver informative and engaging content.

When it comes to video marketing, producing quality content is essential. So, having an embedded video on your website is one kind of professional Web marketing.

It is necessary to Embed YouTube videos on WordPress a website rather than linkup that video link that helps to deliver efficient and engaging content and makes the users spend more time on your website. It also helps to improve video SEO.

You can easily Embed youtube on any part of the WordPress website.

We will show you how you can easily Embed a youtube video on WordPress blog posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.

How to Embed Youtube Videos on WordPress Website?

There are several methods to embed youtube on a website. We are going to cover all methods in this article.

  • Method 1: Copy and Paste to Embed YouTube Videos
  • Method 2: Using the YouTube Block
  • Method 3: Using the Video Block
  • Method 4. Embedding a YouTube Video with an iframe
  • Method 5: Using the WordPress Sidebar Widget
  • Method 6: Using the Classic Editor

Method 1: Copy and Paste to Embed YouTube Videos in WordPress

The WordPress block editor automatically detects the youtube URL and converts it to a visual video block.

Step 01: Copy Video URL

You have to go to the YouTube video page and copy the URL from your browser address bar by pressing ( CTRL+C on a Windows PC / Command+C on a Mac ) or go to the Right-Click contextual menu and click “Copy.”

Another way to get the URL is by clicking the Share button under the video. A popup will appear with the video URL, then click the Copy button.

embed youtube videos in wordpress

Step 02: Paste the URL into your content

Once you have copied the video link, you only need to Paste the link into the WordPress block editor.

embed youtube video wih copy-paste method

WordPress will detect the link and display the YouTube video with a preview in the media player.

Method 2: Using the YouTube Block

You can Embed a Youtube video inside a block editor with the help of YouTube Block.

First, you need to copy the Youtube video URL from the browser’s address bar or the share button under the video.

Now click on the + icon on the block editor, which will display a popup with all WordPress blocks, then browse or search for YouTube Block and select.

embed videos with youtube block

It will give you an option to insert a youtube URL. Paste the youtube URL you already copied and clicked the Embed button.

embed youtube videos using youtube block

After the video is embedded, you will see the video in the media player with a preview.

Method 3: Using the Video Block

You can Embed a Youtube Video with Video Block also. The process is almost the same as method two.

First, you need to copy the Youtube video URL.

Click on the + icon on the block editor. From the popup,  browse or search for Video Block and select it.

embed youtube videos with video block

It will give you a few options to upload any video from the local computer, WordPress media library, and insert from URL.

As we are using a youtube URL to embed the video, we will need to click Insert from URL and paste the video URL into the input field.

embed youtube videos in wordpress using video block

Then the video shows up in the media player.

Method 4: Embedding a YouTube Video with an iframe

There is another way to embed a video with youtube iframe code. It is a little bit technical, but you can use this if you have issues with other methods. Sometimes, you would need to use iframe code within the post or page.

At first, you will need to copy the iframe code from the youtube video page. To get the code click the Share button under the video.

It will show you a popup with various share options. Click the Embed option from these options.

youtube iframe code

It will make a preview of the video and iframe code for embedding. Click the Copy to get the code.

embed youtube videos in wordpress using iframe code

Now back to the WordPress block editor. Click + icon and browser or search for Custom HTML block

embed youtube videos with custom html block

Then you will get a text area box to paste the iframe code. Paste the iframe code here you copied earlier.

embed youtube videos in wordpress using custom html block and iframe code

Now, You are done embedding the video in the block editor. Click the Preview button from the top to see the video preview.

Method 5: How to Embed a YouTube Video as a WordPress Sidebar Widget

If you want to show the video in the sidebar or footer of your website, you can embed it with the WordPress Widget.

Just copy the URL of the video you want to show.

Go to Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress dashboard. 

Click + icon on the widget area where you want the video to embed. 

You will get all related blocks to insert the video URL or iframe code. Do the same with these block options as we have discussed earlier on other methods.

embed videos via wordpress widget

Once you have added the video URL of the iframe code, Click the Update button to see the changes.

embed videos with WordPress widget

Method 6: How to Embed using the Classic Editor

You can embed the video using the Classic Editor. The process is the same as the copy-and-paste method in the editor. 

Just get the URL and paste it into the Classic Editor. It will display the embedded video with the preview.


To achieve the goal of SEO, you can use an embedded video of your service that could quickly increase your website reach. I will recommend you have an embedded youtube video on your website.

I hope this tutorial helped you embed a youtube video on your website. If you have any issues embedding a youtube video, let us know in the comment section. 

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