How To Redirect An URL To Another On WordPress Website

URL redirection

URL Redirection: 

URL redirection is another name of URL forwarding. It is a well-known service of the World Wide Web (WWW) for making a Website or Web page visible under a different URL. This means your domain’s visitors can see your Website or Page by using a different URL. When a web browser attempts to open a URL that is already redirected, the URL will open a page with a different URL. For example, if you had the URL “” but you want to direct it instead of the “”, then you have to use the URL redirection. Your users can easily have the new URL by using the previous one. Today we’re going to share with you how to redirect an URL to another on WordPress Website. 

Types of URL Redirection: 

Sometimes, we need to change or upgrade our Website, if you have to do that, then how you will give quality service to your user? To prevent that type of problem you can use the facility of URL redirection. You can simply redirect your website URL by using a different URL and your visitor will get all the services of your website easily. There are three types of URL redirection. Let’s see what are they.

  • 301 Redirects: The 301 redirection is a permanent type of redirection. It means the page or Website is moved to the new location permanently. It is the most common technique for implementing redirects across your website. 
  • 302 Redirects: The 302 redirection is a temporary type of redirection. It means the page or website is moving to a new place for a short time of period, It will be back to the previous URL. Basically it is used for updating a page of a website or updating the whole site, after completing the updating process the old URL will be activated. 
  • Meta Refresh: The Meta Refresh is usually used for page loading screens. It’s used only for page level. It used for a web browser to refresh the current web page or frame after a having time interval. 

So, without wasting our time let’s see how to redirect an URL to another on the WordPress website. I’m moving forward step by step as you can get it properly. If you face any issues please let me know about it. 

Live Demo: How To Redirect An URL To Another On WordPress Website.

Step 1: To redirect an URL to another on WordPress website, firstly you need to install a plugin. The plugin name is Redirection by John Godley. To install it, go to yours WordPress Dashboard >> Plugin >> Add New >> Search Redirection >> Install >> Activate.


Step 2: After finishing the plugin, you have to set the setup. To do that go to TOOLS >> Redirection. It’s the Redirection plugin’s welcome page. Here is two option. One is the Source URL, another one is the target URL. Source URL is basically the old or original URL where user redirects from, target URL is the new URL where the user will be redirected. Now click the button Start Setup. 


Basic Setup:

Step 3: Now you have the basic setup options. It’s one of the most important settings. Here your WordPress post and pages permalink (the main URL of a page and posts) will be monitored. By this, your posts and pages permalink will be shown by their name. Or you can keep a log of all redirects. We’re going to the number 1 option. So, click on the Monitor permalink changes in WordPress posts and pages option. Now click on the button Continue Setup. 

Note: Permalink setup is one of the most essential things of a WordPress Website. Your Website’s SEO depends on your permalink. 


Step 4: Here it’ll check your REST API. It’s a WordPress functionality. Now click on the Finish Setup button to finish the process of Setup.

Step 5: To redirect an URL to another on WordPress Website, you have to set the options of REdirection Plugin. Go to the plugin options, here you can set many settings, such as redirect logs, 404 logs, IP logging, URL monitor, URL monitor changes, RSS token, default URL settings, default query matching, auto-generate URL, Apache .htaccess, Redirect Cache, REST API, etc. After doing your preferable setting change click on the Update button.

Add Redirection:

Step 6: Now we’re going to redirect an URL to another on the WordPress website. To do that, click on the Redirect option of the menu.  Now give the post or page link on Source URL box, and give another one on the Tergate URL box. THE source URL will redirect the Tergate URL. Now click on the ADD REDIRECT button. 


Step 7: After finishing the process, now visit the post URL which you’ve redirected a moment earlier. Do you notice the magic? The URL is showing another URL that you wanted to redirect. So, it’s the process How to redirect an URL to another on WordPress website. Let’s look at some extra changes which you will need in the future. 

Step 8: Groups, If you look at the Redirection menu, here is an option that is the group. Here you can group all of your posts, pages in one group for each. The site, If you want to redirect you one site to another. You can relocate your domain here. You can set your https URL here. Besides, there are a lot of useful options here. You can Export and Import things also.

So, that’s how to redirect an URL to another on the WordPress website. If you have any questions please let me know in the comment section. I’ll help you. 

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