How to install WordPress Theme ( with FTP client / WordPress admin panel / Cpanel ) ?

install WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme is WordPress tool. A site’s look or style depends on which theme is currently installed. So it’s really important to know how to install WordPress Theme properly.

And switching a Theme means switching into a new look of your site and layout and functionality will be accordance with activated Theme. A Theme can be modified by its child Theme.

There are several ways to install a WordPress Theme. I’ve listed bellow all of Theme.

So first of all I suppose that you’ve WordPress installed . So if you have then follow my instruction to install a Theme.

Install WordPress Theme with WordPress admin panel

To install a WordPress Theme with WordPress admin panel, you would have to go to then login with your access details.
and then go to appearance -> themes : so here is the point to be noted.

Install a theme with wordpress dasboard

There are two kinds of Theme, one of them is WordPress repository Theme and other is out of repo.

So if you would like to install a WordPress repository Theme. Then you can find all of them here in “Themes” tab,
So you can search which theme you’re looking for. if you find a Theme perfect for you then you can easily install it by clicking on install button.

it can take up to a few minutes to install a Theme. As soon as a Theme is installed then you’ll definitely see a button called “activate” so please click on it, that’s it.  You’ll see your site layout will be changed accordance with activated theme layout.

But if you would like to install other Theme which you’ve bought or downloaded somewhere else then please follow this instruction.
From appearance -> themes, you’ll see an option called “Add new”, so click on it and then you’ll see an button to ‘Upload Theme’.

you should have a zip file so you can drag your file on it. Or you can click on it and upload the zip file ( a Theme should be in a zip file otherwise you won’t be able to upload it ).

So after that it a take a few minutes to upload Theme properly and then you’ll just need to activate the Theme from there. That’s it.

Install a Theme with FTP/SFTP client

If you would like to upload your Theme in your site directly with FTP or SFTP client then you should know that in which folder / directory WordPress Themes are stored.

Note : to upload a Theme with FTP or SFTP client you should have the software installed in your PC. It’s easy as you do other software.
Download FTP client here
Download SFTP client here

If you login with FTP client then you’ll see directories and files, what you need is just to enter a directory called “wp-content”.

And then you should see a folder called “Themes”. So click on it and then upload your Theme folder in it. You can just drag and drop your file in this directory,


If you upload a zip file then you should extract it. And also after extracting the file. It’s better to delete the zip ( that will save your Hosting space ) .

So after uploading it properly then you’ll need to login into your WordPress admin panel ( ). And then go to appearance -> themes ( you’ll see your theme is available there).

then activate your upload Theme. That’s it.

Install a Theme with Cpanel.

To install a Theme with Cpanel, you’ll need to login into your Cpanel account and then you should have a folder called “public_html”. Or where ever you’ve installed your WordPress. You just need to find out the directory.

You’ll see the directory, if you go to “domain section. And click on “manage domain” then you’ll see which directly is used to install WordPress. If you find this directory then you should have a folder called “wp-contnet” if you find it, enter into this directory and click “Themes” directory.

You’ll see an option called “upload” in your top bar of your Cpanel, if you click on it. A new page will be redirected to upload your file. So from there you’ll just to need the “zip” file and then extract it. So after extracting it properly it’s better to delete the main “zip” file, it’ll save your hosting space.

And then you’ll just need to login into WordPress admin panel (

Then go to appearance -> Theme : you’ll see all of uploaded ( some default themes can be included like twenty seventeen Theme ) theme will be available there, find your Theme and activate it.

That’s all you’ll need to know about installing a Theme of WordPress.





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