Why we should use WordPress, 7 important reasons.

Why we should use WordPress

Many of you have been thinking about why we should use WordPress? And why it’s important to use it rather than a regular site? Why I should convert to WP from my old site?
So if you’re asking these questions as well as if you would like to know the answer to this question, then you’re at the right place. Today we are going to write this article to answer your question so that you can get it.

So we will talk about 7 important reasons why we should use WordPress. ( we will talk about, not ). 

You may have heard that WordPress is a blogging tool where we can only make a blogging site to publish our blog post.

If you’re thinking that, then you’re not thinking right. It’s not just a blogging tool. 

Yes, it indeed started as a blogging tool. But it has been turned into a powerful Website builder. It’s also called a Content Management System ( CMS ).

Because of its powerful features, many of the top brands use It: 40+ Most Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress

So let’s discuss for top reasons to use WordPress

1. First, WordPress is very secured and safe.

WordPress has been developed by a strong team, who developed it with security in their minds. 

So WP by default itself smart secured. But if you would like to make your site more secure, then you can see our security tips on WordPress

2. It is free.

WP is free. That means you can download it, install it as well as you can modify it how you want exactly. It’ll help to set up any kind of site on your needs. So if you want to build any kind of site then WP is a very good option for you. It’s free software and very safe to use.

It is a software, but if you would like to build WP site then you’ll domain and hosting as like as we have. Such as ( )

3. It is Super Customizable.

If you want a site that you would like to customize and see from a different view, I think WP is the best option for you. 

Because It has the capability of customizing settings, pages, posts, and contents very easily. 

A large number of people are using WP. But they neither a WP expert nor they are a web designer. 

Because WP Theme will give you a lot of options to customize your site very easily. So if you’re a non-tech savvy then it’s totally fine. You just have to know how to customize it. That’s simple. 

Also, you can use new functionality in your WP site just by using its plugins. There are huge numbers of the plugin which are completely free to use and highly customizable. 

4. WordPress Themes.

There is a huge community of WP developers who provide free and paid WP Themes and Plugin. Such as WP Theme Repository where you can find any kinds of WP Theme free!

Here I’ve picked up 10 best free WP Themes. So you can check this out if you want. 

Also 10 best free Ecommerce Themes For WP. 

5. WordPress Plugins. 

As we mentioned before there is a huge community of WP Developers who provide WP Themes and Plugins, so you have also a WP Repository for plugins

Where you can find any kind of WP Plugins free. So you don’t have to pay for the free plugins in the WP Plugin Repository. 

6. It is very SEO Friendly. 

WordPress has been developed in such a way that makes that very SEO friendly. It uses the high-quality code.

But there are plugins too for that which will give you more facilities to make your site more SEO friendly and also get more visitors.

7. WP eCommerce Functionality

WP itself doesn’t have any eCommerce functionality, but WordPress developed a plugin called WooCommerce, which will give you super flexibility in your eCommerce business. 
It supports almost all payment gateways, such as PayPal, check payments, direct bank payments, credit/debit cards, etc.

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