WordPress Download Manager Plugin At a Glance.


Today, I’m going to show you the overview and review of the WordPress Download Manager plugin and how to easily maintain the Plugin. 

WordPress Download Manager plugin is the most popular and user-friendly plugin for downloading, tracking and controlling Files or Documents to download from any WordPress Website. It is a very secure and trustable plugin for Files or Documents management. It provides e-commerce facilities for selling digital products. The admin can set a specific role for each and every controller, visitor, subscriber, etc. It’s a total package of files or Documents management system with the payment method.

So, don’t waste time. Let’s see how to do it easily. I’m moving forward step by step as you can get a proper Idea of the overview and review of the WordPress Download Manager plugin and how to easily maintain the Plugin.

How to Use WordPress Download Manager Plugin. 

Step 1: First thing we’re going to do, that is, We have to install the WordPress Download Manager Plugin by W3 Eden. To do that go to your WordPress Dashboard, then click on Plugin > Add new > then search the WordPress Download Manager plugin. Then activate it. Congratulation! You’ve successfully installed the plugin. 

Download manager 1

Step 2: Now, we’re going to use the plugin. Go to your WordPress Dashboard again. We’ve to add a file. To add a file go to Downloads, click on Add New. Then give the title name of the file. 

Step 3: Now write some content. Now we’re going to add a file. To do that Drag the file and drop it on the right side of the file box. You can add any URL for the downloadable files if you want. To add the URL paste the URL on the box under the file box. 

Package Settings

Step 4: Now we’re going to set the Package settings. Here are many options.

  • Version: If you want to give a version of Products then set a Version.
  • Link Label: If you need any Labels like DOWNLOAD THIS PRODUCT or anything else, then set it. 
  • File Size: You can set the file size.
  • Stock Limit: To maintain your stock you can set a Stock limit.
  • View Count: To have a count of your viewer you can set the View Count.
  • Download Count: To have a count of your product download you can set the Download Count.
  • Allow Access: It’s very important and useful too. You can set access for each visitor, contributor, subscribers, Customers, Shop manager, Author, etc. It is a great feature of The WordPress Download maker Plugin.
  • Page template: It’s about how the product page looks like. 
Download manager 2

You can set theses settings as you want.                    

Lock Options:

Step 5: Now we’re going to set the Lock options

  • Terms and Conditions: You can set any terms and conditions as you want.
  • Password setting: You can set a password to download the file if you want.
  • Enable captcha Lock: If you need a captcha lock you can set it own. 
Download manager 3

Step 6:  ICONS setting, you can set an Icon if you need this. 

Pricing and Discounts

Step 7: Now we’re going to set the Pricing and Discounts of the product. Here you can set a unique Product Code, Base price, Sale Price, and a validation time also. Besides, If you want to give the product free, you can set it too. Click on the ADD FREE FILE(S) then add the file. If you’ve any license of your product, you can add it to clicking Enable Licensing. If you want to set a discount on your product you can set it easily.  You can set a specific role basis discount.

Download manager 4
Download manager 5

That’s it! Now we’re going to Publish the Product or File

Step 8: To have a preview of your File or product go to the Permalink under the title box. You have the preview of your Products. It’s the default style of the WordPress Download Manager Plugin. If you want to change the style, you have to buy the premium one. Then you can customize it as you want. 

Step 9: If you want more advance settings, then let’s have it. You can set tags also to find out your products as the tags. If you like to change the basic templates of the basis of your requirements, Add-ons also, there are some premium Add-ons and Templates. 

Step 10: If you need an Asset Manager to maintain your product, you can have it easily. If you want to give any Coupon Codes to your user, you can give it. To do this go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on The Coupon Codes. Then set the discount and other settings as you want. 

Download manager 6
Coupon Codes

Blocked IPs:

Step 11: If you want to block any IP address. Then go to the Settings, scroll down. Find the Blocked IPs option and now you can Block the IP which you want. If you want to open your file by a Shortcode, go to the All Files, Copy the File Shortcode, Now Add a New Page, Give the Title, and paste the shortcode on the Shortcode field. That’s it!
These are all about the WordPress Download Manager Plugin. If you want to have a live demo of this, please view our video.

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