How To Set A Static Page On Your WordPress Website

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The simple but aesthetic exterior look and design of your WordPress Website can make a huge impression on your website’s visitor. The beauty of your WordPress website depends largely on how you designed your website’s homepage. So, today I’m going to talk with you on how to set a static homepage on your WordPress website. 

What is a Static Homepage: 

Firstly, you need to clarify what is a static homepage and why It needs. When someone first visits your Website, he takes to look at your homepage. If your homepage creates some impression to the visitor, then he moves forward to get his expected services. So, it’s very important to have a catchy and static homepage on your WordPress Website. By default, WordPress shows your recent posts on your front page. You can set a static homepage for your visitor. Here, you can welcome your visitors, customize your posts, services and specify anything as you want basis on your visitors to demand. The visitors firstly can have a look at your homepage then they go forward as they expect. It makes a clear sense of your WordPress website to your visitors. 

So, why are you waiting? Let’s do it together! I’m guiding you with a simple instruction. Move forward step by step.  

Live: How To Set A Static Homepage On Your WordPress Website.

Step 1: To set a static Homepage on your WordPress website the first thing you have to do is, making a new page. To do that, go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Pages >> Add new. Give a title and put there some content. Now publish it!

Adding New Page

Adding Static Homepage:

Step 2: To set the static page go to your WordPress Dashboard >> SETTINGS >> READINGS. Now, look at your Hompage Displays option. Here you have to select “A static page”. Now select the newly created page at the HOMEPAGE option. If you want to show your posts at the Blog page then Select The BLOG page at Posts Page option. Now Save Changes. 


Page Style:

Step 3: If you don’t want to use the default style of your Homepage. You can easily customize it. To do that go to the Page Attributes. Here you will find three different options. One is the default template, another one is the Cover template and the third one is Full-Width templates. If you want to customize the Homepage as your own design. Don’t worry.


Homepage Customization:

Step 4: To customize your Homepage as your own design, open your Theme File with your preferable Code Editor. Now create a new file. It must be a PHP file, so use the (.php) extension properly. Now you have to open the index.php file. Now copy all contents of the index.php file then paste all these at the newly created file (name this file as your static home page name). You must be careful about copying the files from the index.php to your newly created file. You can simply customize it, modify it as you want. We’re going to set a template name at the beginning of the file. 

Step 5: After finishing step 4, now save the file and visit your website. Refresh your own page, then look at Page attributes, here you’ll see another new option which is your own customized design. Now select this, and update the page. Congratulations! You set a static homepage on your WordPress Website. 

To know more about how to customize your Homepage stay connected with WebExtent. If you have any problems or issues with How to set a static Homepage on your WordPress Website, please share your problem in the comment section. I’ll try to solve this. 

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