How To Reset WordPress Website In A Quickest Way

Reset WordPress Website

Nowadays, WordPress becomes the most trusty and popular CMS(Content Management System) around all over the world. Simply, anyone can customize a desirable WP Website through WordPress. During this experience period, many of us face a lot of troubles with our website. Sometimes we need to reset or restart our WordPress website newly. It’s so pathetic situation for a business holder to remove all his affords of his WordPress Website and restart the process again. So today, I’m going to share with you how to reset  WordPress website in the quickest way. 

In this blog, I will try to present you the whole process by answering some key question. Basically, what I’m going to do now that is, simply answering these questions from common users. Let’s start. 

What Is Reset Of A WordPress Website?

Resetting or Restarting a WordPress Website is a process where you reestablish your WordPress Website to the default setting as you set up the WordPress Website for the very first time. For example, many of us had the experience of set up the “factory setting” of our mobiles or Resetting the operating system of our Computers as it looks like the fresh one. Reset/restart of a WordPress Website is also a similar process like that. It will erase all your applications and customizations, so you can begin once again new.

Why do you need to reset/restart WordPress Website?

There are a few reasons why you should reset a WordPress Website:

  1. You’re a beginner of WordPress: When you’re trying to be a WordPress expert and learn more about multiple WordPress customizations, you need to reset/restart your WordPress Website. If you want to customize many different things and sometimes you need a fresh WordPress dashboard to explore more, then you need to reset/restart the WordPress Website. 
  1. You’re utilizing demo’s on your computer: Sometimes you’re working with some demo sites on your localhost, and it requires setting up a new theme, or you might want another one after moving it from localhost to live server then you need to reset/restart the WordPress website. It helps you to taste different types of themes and plugins on local install also.
  2. Reworking on a Customer’s Website: If you’re working on a customer’s site, and he expects something totally different than the previous one, then you need to reset/restart the WordPress website on arranging servers to begin without any preparation.  

How To Reset WordPress Website In A Quickest Way

Okay, we were knowing about what and why we need to reset WordPress Website in the quickest way by this time. Now we’re going to know how easily and quickly you can reset WordPress Website. Resetting WordPress Website isn’t so much difficult to do. The most important thing that we have to notice carefully that is Backuping your previous files if you need it! To backing up the existing files there are soo many Plugins for file backuping. Use which one do you prefers most. Without wasting our time let’s reset the WordPress website in the quickest way. 

Using the Plugin WP Reset:

Step 1:  Here, we will use the plugin WP Reset by team WebFactory Ltd. It’s a free plugin for use, so don’t worry. First, you have to install and activate the plugin. To do that please got to plugins, search WP Reset, install, and activate it! 

Reset WordPress Website

Step 2: After activating the plugin, you need to go to your WordPress Dashboard, then Tools >> WP Reset. Now, look down to the Site Reset segment of the page. 

Reset WordPress Website

Step 3: To reset your WordPress Website, you must type “reset” in the confirmation field. Without typing this you can’t reset the WordPress Website. After typing “reset” in the field now click on the red marked “Reset Site” button. 

Reset WordPress Website

Step 4: Now you’ll have a popup form WP Reset to reconfirm that you’re going to Reset the WordPress Website. Here you have to click the button “Reset WordPress” to ensure the confirmation of resetting the WordPress WebSite. The process will be continued forward. You’ll have a “Resetting in progress” message for a few seconds. Then, your site will be restarted.

Reset WordPress Website

Step 5: After resetting the WordPress Website you’ll have a success message from WP Reset at the top of your homepage about successfully resetting the WordPress Website.

That’s it! Congratulations! You’ve done an amazing job, you just reset your WordPress Website in the quickest way. 

More Feature About Wp Reset: 

So, this is the quickest way to reset WordPress Website. There are some features of WP Reset which you should know. It’ll help you to improve your skills and knowledge. So, let’s talk about them. 

Deleting Themes And Plugins By Using WP Reset:

From the beginning process of Resetting WordPress Website, I brief you about the Plugin WP Reset. Deleting themes and Plugins are the most important part of a running website. There are so many important plugins and theme files in a website, at the time of Resetting A WordPress Website, by default, WP Reset doesn’t delete any theme and plugins files. It’s great news for the user. It just deactivates all the theme and plugin files. However, you can reactivate, reuse, or delete the files whatever you want.

First step: First, you’ll have to go to your WordPress Dashboard. Now click on TOOLS >> WP Reset, then find the TOOL tab on the menu bar. Click on it. Now you have to click on “delete Theme” for moving forward to deleting theme options or click on the “delete Plugins” button to move forward. 

Reset WordPress Website

Second Step: After clicking once it will take you to the bottom of the page by scrolling. And here you can select the “Delete All theme” or “Delete Plugins”  button to do that action that you want. Remember one important thing, WP Reset doesn’t take the backup of your files anyway, so once you delete theme or plugin, it won’t be undone. 

Reset WordPress Website

Final Step: Here, you’ll be prompted to confirm deleting theme or plugins. Click on the “Delete All Themes” button to do the action. After finishing the process of deleting, you will be informed of how many themes or plugins you have deleted. 

Reset WordPress Website

If you delete any theme, you’ll have to install and customize any theme newly. To do this you can see our this blog:  How to install WordPress Theme ( with FTP client / WordPress admin panel / Cpanel )

There are so many options to know more, such as Restoring old data, taking snapshots, etc. Hope we’ll discuss these on a new blog related Features of WP Reset Plugin. Today, I tried to brief you on How to reset WordPress Website in the quickest way. Hope you enjoy the blog, you can visit our youtube channel also to get important videos on different topics. 

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